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  • Most Home Exchanges on the Internet charge from $50 to $150 for ONLY A ONE YEAR listing and most do not have as many active Exchangers as our Seniors Exchange.
  • The cost to register a listing in The Seniors Home Exchange is only $79 U.S. funds for 3 years or $100 for Lifetime Membership.
    Special Spring Prices Now In Effect! For limited time, pay only $59 for 3 year membership.
  • Members can also add a second home to our exchange directory at no extra cost.
  • Please register below. Once payment is confirmed, your exchange listing will appear immediately in the Members Directory and you will be given full access to the exchange.
  • Once you become a member you can make unlimited changes to your listing, add a picture of your home, or add a second home to the directory.

Seniors Home Exchange registration form

  • Fill all the fields below and click register button.
  • Fields signed with an asterix (*) are optional - you can leave them empty.
  • Make sure you enter your correct e-mail address. An incorrect return email address makes it impossible for anyone to contact you to arrange an exchange.
  • Please, do not use ALL capital letters.
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Your personal data
Enter your personal information below. The valid email account is necessary - without it we and other members won't be able to contact you. Your first name will be used to sign your listing. All other data will be used only for our in-house purposes and won't be revealed to anyone else. Remember to double-check the email spelling!
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Your exchange offer
In the fields below, please enter the location of your house/apartment that you offer for exchange. Plus, information about your exchange offer. Leave the state / province field empty unless the location of your house/apartment you offer for exchange is in U.S. or Canada. If you have your own Home Page, you may enter the URL - the link to it will be included in your listing.
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Approximate time of year this exchange is available: no preference  Spring  Summer  Autumn  Winter
How long do you prefer to exchange for? Long Term (more than 3 weeks)  Short Term (3 days to 3 weeks)  Both
Your listing
(brief note about what you offer and where you would like to visit; to separate paragraphs insert an empty line; to prevent spelling errors etc., it's a good idea to type your listing in a word editor, then after reviewing it, you can copy and paste it here)
Smoking permitted? Yes  No
Please select your registration option:  
$59 3 year membership
$100 lifetime membership

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